Eat Great Pizza and Give Back

What could be better than getting an organic pizza in Dallas? One that uses fresh ingredients? We do that. One that serves up great craft beers? Yeah, we do that too. We’re also the greenest pizza restaurant Dallas has to offer and we’ve got gluten free crust to boot. But wait! There’s more!

The Best Part

The best part about getting a craft pizza from our Dallas restaurant is that we give 5 percent of every single sale we make to charity. Not just any charity – a charity the Dallas community chooses. You can select from the options in our drop down menu or you can write in your own. Each quarter we’ll give the donations amount to the charity with the most votes.

This Quarter’s Options

For the donation in January, we’ve got two great Dallas charities to choose from – the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Dallas.

Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital

The Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital is devoted to giving children back their childhood. Their primary focuses are pediatric orthopedics and dyslexia. Frequently issues with legs, hips or spine, if caught and treated early enough can be corrected to prevent life-long debilitation. Although there is no cure for dyslexia, with early intervention the effects can be mitigated and children can learn to cope and be highly successful.

Children’s Hospital of Dallas

The Children’s Hospital of Dallas cares for children from birth to age 18. Their doctors are trained to handle everything from allergies to autism. By focusing specifically on children, the medical staff at Children’s is able to provide the most advanced care to each child that comes through their doors.

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Have a Slice and Dallas Wins

Having a slice of the best pizza in Dallas is also a great way to give the best to Dallas. Stop by for a slice or a pie of our craft pizza. Dallas thanks you.

Terrence Gordon