Green Pizza

Green pizza? Yes, that’s really a thing. Our Dallas pizza restaurants are amazingly green – and we don’t mean the paint color! Green in the modern lingo means eco-friendly. At Social Pie we’ve taken this to the next level.

BYOM Brunch

Every Sunday you can join us for brunch on the patio. Bring your own mug when you do and we’ll fill it up with our freshly brewed coffee for free! This saves on the cost and environmental impacts of throwaway cups. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some free coffee from your favorite mug! Doing your part for the environment has never been this easy – or tasty.

Recycled and Biodegradable Products

Pizza takeout boxes aren’t usually recycled because they’ve got food remnants and grease on them. Ours are made from plants so even in the landfill, they break down quickly and return to the earth. Same with our plastic bags. They’re 100% biodegradable and don’t leak toxins into the ground as the break down. To top it off, all of our printer paper and other office supplies are made from recycled stock.

Saving Water

Many places you eat will automatically pour you a glass of water and refill it every time they walk past your table. With droughts making water in short supply across the country, we’ve decided on a different approach. Your server will ask you if you’d like water and will only refill it when truly necessary. This not only saves the water from drinking, it also saves on the water and energy that would be used to clean your glass and make ice.

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Dallas and you love the environment, you’ve found the right place. Stop in today for an organic pizza and experience the Social Pie difference. 

Terrence Gordon