Responsible Eatery

Jonathan Calabrese, our head chef, is well known in Dallas. We love his food, but even more, we love his philosophy. In coming up with the idea for Social Pie, Jonathan wanted to create a restaurant that did more than provide a place for people to dine and enjoy good food. He wanted to give back to the community.


Giving back to Dallas starts with local food and alcohol. As Jonathan says, “Local brewers are not a trend...they have proven themselves worthy of worldwide representation....” What better way to support the community than to serve up their food and brews at every meal?


Both the local Dallas community and the broader global community benefit from steps taken to protect the environment. That’s why Social Pie uses organic food and recyclable or biodegradable materials in our kitchen. The “pizza is just a representation of our philosophy on what makes a responsible eatery....” A tasty representation.


The final piece of the proverbial pizza pie in giving back to Dallas is monetary. Five percent of every sale at Social Pie is donated to a charity of your choice. You can vote on our website and a new charity is chosen each quarter. Have a charity in mind? Let us know!

We’re unlike any other pizza restaurant in Dallas. Stop in today for a tasty craft pizza or artisan sandwich and see for yourself. Added bonus: we care about our gluten free customers too. All of our pies and sandwiches can be made to suit your dietary needs.

Terrence Gordon