Why Social Pie Composts

Takeout is a huge part of the pizza business. Honestly, what’s better than a fresh, hot pie in the comfort of your own home. Most pizza joints provide their takeout in cardboard boxes. Although cardboard is typically recyclable, once it’s been covered with grease and cheese many places consider it trash and the once recyclable product becomes additional fodder for the local landfill. At Social Pie, we do it differently.


Our ecotainers are one part of a larger green corporate practice. These containers are compostable. This means that you can put them in your backyard compost. Or, if your Dallas home doesn’t have one, you can be certain that when the pizza box winds up in the landfill it will break down quickly without leeching toxins into the soil or groundwater. It’s better for the planet, better for Dallas, and better for your body.

Plastic Bags

How many times have you seen plastic bags blowing around on the highway as you drive through Dallas? Hopefully some of that driving is on your way to see us at Social Pie! Either way, we don’t want to increase the plastic bags blowing around. Our plastic bags are 1005 biodegradable. This means they breakdown completely and organically without leaving any harmful chemicals behind. At Social Pie, we believe in preserving nature for the good of everyone.

Paper Supplies

You may not see much office space when you come by our Dallas pizza restaurant, but we couldn’t do what we do without a fully functioning office. Green matters to us there too. All of the paper products are from recycled stock and any we need to toss goes in the recycling bin, not the trash.

One of our guiding principals at Social Pie in Dallas is to do good. This means caring for our planet, each other and our community. Composting is just one way we do this. Stop by our Dallas pizza spot today to learn more and get a tasty slice while you’re here!

Terrence Gordon