First Giving Back Winners of 2017

Social Pie is proud to give back to the Dallas community. Every time you purchase food or beverages from us, we donate 5% of the purchase price to a local charity. We take it one step further. We let our customers vote on which local charities will benefit. Every few months, we select winners. We’re pleased to introduce you to the first winners off 2017.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC)

 TSRHC’s mission is to give children back their childhood. They treat children suffering from orthopedic issues. These issues can include scoliosis, clubfoot, hand or hip disorders, or limb length differences. In addition to these birth issues, TSRHC works to help children overcome sports injuries, related arthritic and neurological disorders. Unlike many orthopedic hospitals, TSRHC also helps children with learning issues such as dyslexia. The donation your purchases helped us make will enable them to provide these services to many more children in the Dallas area.

Warrior Dog Foundation

Special Ops soldiers are known for their bravery and ability to take on challenges many other military personnel can’t or won’t. An all too often forgotten member of special ops teams are the dogs who provide vital support during the missions. The Warrior Dog Foundation’s mission is to transition retired special forces dogs into a state-of-the art kennel facility where the dogs will receive physical and mental rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. In addition, the foundation seeks to establish a fund for the families of dog handlers who are wounded or killed in the service to the country. Your purchases helped us salute U.S. canine troops with a donation.

Operation Kindness

The first and largest no-kill shelter in the area, Operation Kindness has saved the lives of almost 90,000 pets in their 41 years of operation. Through a combination of foster care and an on-site shelter facility, they provide medical care, food, shelter and playtime to nearly 5,000 cats and dogs each year until each one is adopted into their forever home. They do not euthanize for space. The donation from Social Pie, on behalf of its customers, will be used to provide for each for these pets and help them each go home.

To see this list of charities up next and place your vote, stop by or click the link. Thank you for helping us make Dallas a better place.

Terrence Gordon