Double the Happiness

Our organic pizza is already a Dallas favorite. Diners and takeaway patrons agree that Social Pie’s pizza and focus on giving back to the community makes them happier than getting a pie or a slice from other pizza joints. When you come by during our amazing happy hours, you’ll double that happiness.

Five Nights a Week

Most bars and restaurants in the Dallas area have happy hour specials one, maybe two, nights a week. At Social Pie, we offer happy hour specials FIVE nights a week. You read that right. Every weeknight is happier when you come to Social Pie’s happy hour.

Way More Than an Hour

The local bar scene typically offers a happy hour that’s two or three hours. We offer you many more hours of happiness – and pizza too! Social Pie’s happy hours start before you leave work for the day and last long enough for you to enjoy a few with your family after work. Starting at 2pm and ending at 7pm, we give you five hours to enjoy happy hour deals at Social Pie Dallas.

But Wait! There’s More

Our happy hour already sounds like it takes the cake…err pie, but it gets even better. Most bars include only certain drinks in their happy hour deals. Often, your drink of choice may not be on the list of happy hour deals. At Social Pie, we don’t think that’s very happy. Instead, we offer 25% every single beer and wine option on our menu. Now, that’s a reason to smile!

And More!

Social Pie supports local charities with every purchase you make. We don’t stop doing that to offer you happy hour deals. Whether you buy a pie and beverage during our amazing happy hour or any other time, a percentage of each purchase will go to a local charity. Come see us today – and bring your friends! We’ll make everyone happy.

Terrence Gordon