Half Off Pizzas at Social Pie!

half offpizzas.png

Did you know that you can get half off any full pizza when you dine-in Saturday and/or Sunday?! Seriously, between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, we offer half off all our full pizzas! It’s honestly such a great deal, we don’t understand how you haven’t yet joined us!

Today, we are going to highlight a couple of options for pizzas that we think you should try during half off—and the reason behind this is because we feel as though you can sometimes get in a rut where you order the same pizza every time you come! Honestly, we understand falling in love with a pizza and having a hard time trying something else—but when pizza is half off, this is the time to try something new!

Pizzas to Try!

This is the time to go outside your comfort zone and try something new—so we’re here to try to persuade you to try something new and different. Thankfully anything and everything from Social Pie is delicious!

The White

We feel as though sometimes people may be hesitant to try this pizza because some of the ingredients are not well known and sound a bit scary! Today, we are here to ease that and help you better understand what we put on this delicious pizza!  The first part we are here to decipher is the sauce— truffle béchamel. This is a delicious white sauce (not so surprising it’s white, right?!). The sauce is also simply known as white sauce, and we promise you it tastes amazing on our pizza. On top, we add chicken, spinach, mushroom, balsamic shallot, and balsamic reduction. Although this might be called “The White”, there’s a lot of color and flavor coming from this pizza!

BBQ Chicken

An absolute flavor-ite (get it, like favorite but better) option for us is our BBQ Chicken pizza. Texas is known for its BBQ, and we had to give you the BBQ option at Social Pie! Topped with fresh red onion, smoked bacon, and the best BBQ sauce ever—how can you go wrong?! It’s the perfect option when you feel like you want pizza and BBQ—two for one!  


Build Your Own

Build Your Own is a great option to choose when you want to make flavors that taste great to you! You want pineapple, bacon, and black olives on your pizza?! You do just that and we will make it for you! We aren’t here to judge anyone’s flavor choices because as long as you love it, that makes us happy!

Half-Off Pizza happens twice a week—so make sure you stop on by soon to try something new (or keep it the same, we still understand if you’re partial to one pizza)! We look forward to celebrating the weekend with you!