It’s Easy Being Green at Social Pie

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With a name like Social Pie, we do our best to live up to it—by being socially aware of ways that we can give back to our community, or keep our community green! In the past, we have spoken on some of the ways that we give back to our community—like on our website (and in the restaurant) you can choose which charity we give to next! And since we choose different charities every six months, it gives you a lot of time to come in and eat some pizza so that we can give back!

If you want to learn more about the three charities we are currently supporting, you can read our blogs here:


F.A.R.M.: A Veterans Organization

The Birthday Party Project

We also have an awesome program that we run where if you bring in your own mug or cup, you get one free fill-up on delicious coffee on Sundays! And, of course, we want you to ask for a water cup if you want one, so that we aren’t wasting water if you don’t drink it, and so we don’t waste water cleaning an unused cup!

But beyond that, we have one more way that we are going green that we think is important to share with you…


Composting is something that literally everyone can do, and we wanted to make sure that we added to this! So, our takeout containers (Ecotainers) are made of plastic from plants! Our plastic bags (from are 100% biodegradable, which means when the decompose, they are not hurting the environment or the planet! This is made possible from the bioplastic polymers that they are made from. And of course, all of our supplies that we use in the “office” is made from recycled products.

There is a reason behind everything we do at Social Pie. We want to be able to deliver you amazing food, but we also want to give back—which is why we have our donation by consumption model ! We want to let you have our food in your home, but we also want to make sure it doesn’t harm our community—so we use biodegradable containers and bags so that the environment isn’t affected!

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Not only do we make amazing food at Social Pie, but we continuously do our best to give back and be green!  

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