Beer… To go! at Social Pie

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It’s finally the New Year! We made it to 2018, and we hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat (and drink!) more Social Pie (we know it’s one of ours)! Whether you join us in our restaurant, or you want to eat at home—we need to bring something important to your attention! We have beer to go! That’s right—you can order your pizza, salad, and/or sandwich from Social Pie and also grab some beer while you are at it! The best type of carryout if you ask us!

Our Beer Options

Beer is an important part of the Social Pie experience whether you eat at our restaurant, or eat at home! So, we knew it was important to have beer to go whether you are picking up or having your order delivered! So, that’s why we have twenty-six different options to choose from! Our list (which we have provided below!) ranges from ciders to classic beer options to IPAs. No matter what you like to drink with your Social Pie order, we have something that is right for you!


We have:

  • 903 Brewers Sasquatch
  • Adelbert’s Naked Nun
  • Austin Eastciders- Pineapple Cider
  • Bishop Cider- Crackberry
  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Deep Ellum- Blonde, IPA, and Dream Crusher
  • Lakewood- Lager
  • Legal Draft- Legal Blonde, Accused Amber
  • LoneStar
  • Martin House- Salty Lady
  • Noble Rey- Steam Punk
  • Rahr & Sons- Rahr’s Blonde, The Fort Worth
  • Real Ale- Fireman’s 4, 4-Squared
  • Shiner
  • Southern Star- Bombshell Blonde, Conspiracy Theory
  • Texas Ale Project- Fire Ant Funeral, 100 Million Angels Singing, 50 Ft Jackrabbit
  • Ultra

A long list filled with great options, you are sure to find one or more options you love! Of course, we will have to check ID’s when you pick up your order or have it delivered—even though we have delicious options, they are only for those 21 and over!


Start your 2018 off right by ordering some delicious Social Pie online!

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