Celebrate in Style with Social Pie!


With Thanksgiving behind us, it means that we are in the midst of the holiday season—wahoo! We all know the holidays can also be super stressful, though. That can come in many forms: like finding the right gifts for your friends and family, or hosting a holiday get-together. Thankfully, here at Social Pie, we can help you out on both fronts of stress—host your holiday get-together with us and buy some Social Pie gift cards! Social Pie has you covered! 

Holiday Gatherings at Social Pie

No matter what you are celebrating during the upcoming season, hosting any sort of get-together at your own house can be too much to handle. You have to prepare the food, clean your house, make sure everyone is having a good time, and make sure you have time to enjoy yourself, too! Let Social Pie take care of the hard part! Host your party with us and you will be in a trendy and cool space (that you won’t have to clean!!). And of course, you will have the food you know and love from Social Pie! You won’t worry if your friends and family are having fun, because you know that they will be—it’s Social Pie, all we do is have fun! Make sure to book your spot soon!! Contact us for more details!


Give the Gift of Social Pie

After you have your holiday party down, you might be stuck on what to gift to friends and family. A great (and super easy!!) gift is a Social Pie gift card! You know whoever you are gifting it to will love it—and you can feel good about it, too! Remember that we donate a portion of all pizza sales to charities—so when you buy our gift card, you can also help our charities! It’s a great gift, or stocking stuffer, for all the pizza lovers you know!


We know that the holidays can be a stressful time, but we here at Social Pie are always here to help—and if you need some liquid help, check out our beer and wine live list!

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