Choose the Next Charity Part 2

We’ve got so many charities to choose from this month, we’re sure it’s going to be hard to choose a winner. In our last post, we profiled three of the ones on the list. Today, we’re going to profile three more. In this case, they’ll all be animal related. Our animal loving diners and community members are sure to find a great cause here.

East Lake Pet Orphanage

The East Lake Pet Orphanage (ELPO) takes in homeless dogs, cats and exotic animals. They rehabilitate the animals to be amazing pets and put them up for adoption. These pets need more than loving, forever homes. The care and rehabilitation services they receive come with a high price tag. A staff and cast of volunteers help ensure these animals receive loving care until they’re adopted by their new families.

Canine Companions for Independence

The Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is national organization with its newest campus in Irving, Texas. The CCI breeds, raises and trains assistance dogs to help people with a variety of disabilities. The dogs are selected to have friendly temperaments as they also often act has ambassadors for their human companions. The four types of assistance they train dogs to provide are: 1) dogs to perform tasks for adults with disabilities, 2) hearing alert dogs for the deaf and hard of hearing, 3) facility dogs to who work in education, criminal or health care settings and 4) skilled companions for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Irving, Texas location is the first to partner with a health care system.


The SPCA protects pets and small farm animals from abuse. They investigate reports of animal cruelty and remove animals from abusive situations. Working with law enforcement, offenders are held accountable. In addition, they hold programs and services including spay/neuter clinics to bring awareness to animal cruelty issues and prevent animal homelessness.

We encourage Dallas animal lovers to select one of these great charities from our site or when you come in to buy a pizza.

Sarah Woodard