Choose the Next Charity Part 3

Have you voted yet? We’ve given you an overview of several charities. Our next selection is coming up quicker than you think! You can give your charity choice an extra boost by voting in our Dallas pizza restaurant – we count those double! Here’s a look at three more charities you can pick from before the next selection.

American Heart Association

Did you know that 35 percent of deaths in Dallas each year are related to cardiovascular disease? The American Heart Association’s Dallas chapter works to build healthier lives and a healthier community. They advocate for key issues, train people in CPR and first aid, and educate healthcare providers. In the Dallas area, they host events to promote awareness and bring the community together.

Ronald McDonald House

Having a sick child is stressful enough. Having to temporarily pick up and move the household to focus on getting your sick child well adds an extra dimension that can feel impossible. The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMH-D) provides temporary housing and meals for families of sick and injured children. In addition to ample housing for families of any size and nutritious meals, RMH-D provides regular transportation to and from local hospitals and connects family with other services they may need to aid in the healing process.

Community Partners of Dallas

Dallas County Child Protective Services steps in to rescue abused and neglected children and works to find them safe, caring homes. These children have many emotional, psychological and physical traumas to overcome. Community Partners of Dallas works to ensure the safety of these children while restoring their dignity and inspiring hope. Through a variety of programs they provide critical need items, clothing, transportation, therapy, medical care and enrichment activities.

Vote for your favorite charities in our restaurant or online before we choose our next winner.

Sarah Woodard