Choose The Next Charity

We love giving back to the Dallas Community. We donate a portion of our profits with each pizza purchase you make. If you haven’t voted on the next charity yet, now’s your chance! We’ve got a lot to choose from. We’ll profile them all over the next month. Each one supports the community with a variety of wonderful causes.

The Birthday Party Project

Unfortunately, homeless children are a fact in today’s society. For many of them, their birthdays pass without a second thought. The Birthday Party Project gives each of these children a fun day all their own. They throw birthday parties each month. Each party includes crafts and game, decorations, cupcakes, party favors, amazing volunteers and lots of smiles. Since they began just five years ago, they’ve celebrated over 3,000 birthdays and sang “Happy Birthday” more than 900 times!

Make A Wish

If you were a sick kid, what would you wish for? The Make a Wish Foundation is committed to granting the wish of every eligible child.  One qualification is that the wish making child in the Dallas area has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Wishes are granted thanks to the kindness of donors. As of 2014, the local chapter of this national organization had granted more than 8,500 wishes.

Foundation 45

Mental illness, depression, anxiety and addiction have been stigmatized by society. People living with these issues often feel they can’t reach out for help – and often don’t until it’s too late. On average, one Texan commits suicide every three hours. Foundation 45 is committed to breaking this stigma. In addition to providing support for those facing such challenging internal struggles, Foundation 45 also provides support for their family and friends – anyone who’s been impacted by the loss of a loved one to suicide. They were founded after the death of Frankie from Spector 45 and recognize that creative people are often at a higher risk.

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Sarah Woodard