Pizza – The Sauce Matters

Everyone has their favorite pizza toppings. Not as many people give as much thought to the sauce. At Social Pie in Dallas we know a great pizza means a great sauce under the toppings and cheese. We’ve got a unique variety of sauces to choose from so you can build the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had.

BBQ Sauce

Perhaps not the most traditional pizza topping, but this is Texas! That means BBQ is a must. With our tasty chicken as a topping it’ll taste like any backyard BBQ in pizza form - finger licking, lip smacking good.

Garlic Oil

If you’re into white pizzas, you’ll love our garlic oil sauce. It’s great with our veggie toppings. Give it a try with a variety of olives and mushrooms and feta or parmesan cheese for a truly Mediterranean flavor.   

Pesto Sauce

The fabulous basil based sauce is most traditionally thought of as a pasta topping, but it goes great on pizza too! Roasted garlic, tomatoes and your favorite cheese will taste amazing with a pesto sauce topped pizza.

Red Sauce

The traditional pizza sauce. Our red sauce is perfectly seasoned to give you the best flavor with any of our amazing toppings and cheeses. If you’re not ready to branch out into more creative pizza sauces, our red sauce will more than satisfy your pizza craving.

Truffle Bechamel

This mushroom flavored white sauce is our most unique pizza sauce offering. Whether you’re going with a cheese pizza or adding some creative toppings, this sauce will certainly get your taste buds dancing.

Come see us to try each of these amazing pizza sauces. Get creative. Mix, match and build your own pizza. The crazier it sounds, the more fun it will be to eat! And don’t forget, for every purchase you make, we donate a portion to charity – vote for your favorite while you’re waiting for your tasty pie.

Sarah Woodard