Pizza Keeps Dallas Green

What we do, and how we do it, has far reaching effects. Just as a butterfly flapping its wings in Mexico can cause ripples in Canada (or so the quantum physicists tell us), so too can what we use or not use have effects that reach far beyond Dallas. At Social Pie, we’re proud to bring Dallas the tastiest pizza in the most environmentally conscious manner. Here’s just a few of the initiatives we’ve implemented.


We’ll provide the free coffee when you bring your own mug to Sunday brunch. We figure a free cup of coffee is a great way to say thank you for keeping disposable coffee cups out of the landfill. And there’s nothing like spending your Sunday morning on our patio watching Dallas come to life.


When you get pizza takeout from other Dallas pizza restaurants you get the typical waxed cardboard box. These usually are not recyclable and often come from newly produced cardboard, meaning trees lost their lives to get your pizza home. Instead, we use pizza boxes that are compostable. Finish your pie and then use the box to help your garden grow. Our plastic bags decompose to fertilizer too!


How often does your water glass get refilled during the course of one dinner out? It usually seems like every few sips someone is there filling up your water. We do it differently. Water is a precious, and increasingly scarce, resource. So, when you dine with us, we’ll ask if you’d like water and we’ll ask before any refills. We’re not being rude, and we’re happy to give you as much water as you like. We just prefer to save waterfor those who truly need and want it.

Next time you’re in Dallas and craving pizza, come see us! You’ll get the best pizza you’ve ever eaten and help the environment to boot! And don’t forget to vote for your charity while you’re here!