Social Pie: More Than Just Pizza on the Menu

By now you know that Social Pie is the best place to get hot, fresh organic pizza in the Dallas area. We’re thrilled at the response and at the difference our charitable donations are making to the area! But did you know we have other items on the menu too? It’s true! Social Pie isn’t just the place to be for pizza, we’ve also got delicious artisan sandwiches and salads on the menu. And you guessed it – we give back a percentage of every sandwich and salad you purchase too!

Artisan Sandwiches

Our fabulous sandwiches are served on a rustic Italian bread, but we’re happy to provide you with a gluten free bun upon request. Each sandwich also comes with your choice of chips, pasta salad, or potato salad. If you’re going for fewer carbs, we also offer a fruit salad side option.

Vegetarians will love our calabrese sandwich. Fresh herbs, tomato, mozzarella and arugula bring the taste of Italy directly to your mouth. Meat eaters can go with sausage in our Italia sandwich, ham in our Social sandwich, or turkey in our mouth-watering Turkey Melt. Try them all!

Artisan Salads

Whether you’re seeking a healthier option or a side salad to go with your pizza, we’ve got your covered. You can add chicken, avocado, turkey or ham to any of our salads to make them a more filling meal.

Get down to earth with our Beet & Pecan salad or add a taste of Greece to your day with our Social Caesar. If you’re in the mood for our calabrese sandwich, but don’t want the sides or bread, try our Caprese salad. Our house salad puts other house options in the Dallas area to shame. Ours comes with artichoke, feta and Kalamata olives in addition to fresh greens.

Whether you’re looking for a great pizza or sandwiches and salads in the Dallas area, we’re the place to be! Eating with us is good for you and good for the community with our commitment to green practices and community donations.