You’ve Never Had Pizza Like this Before

Think about your usual pizza order. It’s pretty predictable, right? Mozzarella cheese and some combination of meat and/or vegetable topping. There’s nothing wrong with this. Pizza is a comfort food. It makes sense you’d want to get what you’re used to. But when you’re feeling adventurous, Social Pie – Dallas’ most socially conscious pizza restaurant – has a selection that will please your tastes from the typical to the unique.

More Cheeses

Of course we offer the traditional mozzarella. We couldn’t call ourselves a pizza joint if we didn’t! But we have so many other delicious cheese options available, you’ll want to venture out and try them all. Feta, goat, and goat feta are great options if you’re in the mood for a pizza with Mediterranean inspired flavors. Gouda, manchego, parmesan and ricotta round out the cheese selection. You can mix and match to create a truly unique pizza.

More Sauces

Most pizzas are either red or white. Those are great choices, but we have even more. Try matching up our expansive cheese selection with our bbq, garlic oil, pesto or truffle béchamel sauce. The results will be a pizza like none other. And don’t worry, if you’re craving an out of this world red sauce, Social Pie in Dallas is the place to get it!

More Toppings

What’s your favorite pizza topping? We definitely have it. But what about something new? Our balsamic shallots are delicious and completely unique. If you’re feeling spicy, we’ve got banana peppers and jalapeno peppers. Or go a little crazy and toss some arugula on your pie. Our meat selection is robust too. Combine them any way you like for amazing results.

For the biggest variety of toppings on your pizza, stop by our Dallas pizza restaurant. Our menu is unlike anything you’ve experienced. And while you’re here, don’t forget to vote for your favorite charity. We look forward to serving you!