Where to Get the Best Pizza in Dallas

When that pizza craving hits, whether it’s lunch or dinner, only the best pizza in Dallas will do. Mouth-watering, gooey cheese blends, perfectly sliced and cooked toppings and chewy crust with a variety of amazing sauces. Where can you get such delicious pizza goodness? Social Pie, of course!

Our Menu

Check out our menu to start your taste buds. Don’t worry if you drool a little, we don’t judge! We’ve got nine creations we dreamed up to get you started, ranging from meaty to full of veggies. If none of those are quite what you’re looking for, create your own! Mix sauce mozzarella and any of your favorite toppings on our amazing crust – we have a gluten free option too! Add a side salad to your order for a healthy option and call it a meal.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to bring the best pizza and Dallas. But it’s also more than that, too. We’re also about doing good. Food is a vehicle for nourishing you and caring for our community. We use only the freshest, local, natural ingredients we can find. We recycle, conserve water and use green products for our takeout containers. We also give financially. We call this donation by consumption because for every purchase you make at Social Pie, we donate a percentage to a local charity. And we don’t choose the worthy cause – you do! We tally the votes from all our customers and donate the money to the ones with the most votes.

How to Get the Best Pizza in Dallas

It’s super easy to get pizza from Social Pie. You can stop by our restaurant on Maple Avenue or order the best pizza in Dallas online. We’ll have it ready for you to pick up or deliver it to your door. No matter how you get it, your purchase helps us give back and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.