Dallas Local Craft Brews at Social Pie

Local craft brews may have started out as a trend, but they’re much more than that now. Local brewers in Dallas have proven themselves to be worthy of representation on our menu and across the globe. At Social Pie, we’re proud to feature many local brews on our menu. We have them on draft and also as growlers and casks – and of course, bottles and cans. Check out a few of our favorite local brews.

Deep Ellum Neato Bandito

Dallas brewery Deep Ellum brews this Pale Lager to perfection. It’s meant to be enjoyed all summer long. The flavors are reminiscent of a Mexican Style lager. It’s light colored, but with huge flavor. Try it with your favorite pizza from our menu.

Martin House Mist Queen of the Mist Barrel-Aged with Passion Fruit

Okay, so that’s a long name for a really tasty craft beer out of Fort Worth, Texas. Classified as a Gose, it’s got a tart fruity flavor with notes of wheat and salt. It’s truly perfect with any pizza you can dream up! And with our menu, the possibilities are pretty endless!

Revolver Blood & Honey

Granbuy, Texas is home to Revolver Brewing. Their Blood & Honey is a truly unique craft beer that also makes use of other local products. It’s an unfiltered American Wheat Ale. Revolver uses malted two-row barley and wheat to start and then finishes it off with blood orange zest and honey from local supplier Fall Creek Farm. You’ve never tasted anything like this before!

Bishop Cider Crackberry

For those who aren’t beer fans or avoid it for other reasons, cider can be a fabulous drink option. Bishop Cider Co. out of Bishop Arts, Texas brings cider to a new level with their Crackberry. It’s a delicious mix of cranberry and blackberry, tart and sweet. Unlike many ciders, this one won’t make you feel like you’re drinking a sweet juice. It’s balanced and tastes great with every pizza you can think up!

Stop by Social Pie in Dallas to try these, and any of our other fabulous local craft brews. And don’t forget that a portion of every purchase goes to charity – vote for your favorite!