More than Meets the PIE

Here at Social Pie, we are more than meets the eye—and more than meets the pie! By now, you have probably heard about our amazingly tasty pizzas and yummy salads and sandwiches, and even our great selection of beer—but what about our desserts? Sometimes you might get too full from all your lunch or dinner with us, but next time you stop by do not forget about dessert! Below we are going to break down our deliciously delectable options to keep in mind so that you can indulge next time you stop by. 

S’mores Pizza

For us, pizza does not just mean lunch or dinner—and our s’mores dessert pizza allows us to take pizza to the dessert realm. It has all the components to a normal s’more you would make at a campfire, but we promise you it is even better. No burnt marshmallows, no sticky hands, and enough chocolate and graham cracker to remind you of your childhood all on top of handmade pizza dough. Thankfully at Social Pie, you can have pizza for lunch, dinner, and dessert—and we encourage it! Shhhh, don’t tell mom!

Texan Pecan & Honey Cannoli

Think of a classic cannoli—but it’s even better than that, especially since your stomach is already filled with a delicious pizza, salad, and/or sandwich! A crunchy outer shell that is dipped in chocolate, and filled with our delicious cannoli crème. Along the dipped chocolate, you better believe we dipped it in pecans! This dessert makes our mouth water just thinking about it. If you usually fill up on your lunch or dinner, save some to-go and get this delicious dessert to wrap up your visit at Social Pie.

Social Chocolate Cakes

Who doesn’t love chocolate—especially after indulging in some pizza?! You can never go wrong with the Social Chocolate Cakes! Since the cakes are miniature sized, they are sharable… but we promise not to judge if you want to eat them by yourselves, because we do it all the time. How can you share chocolate, which is then topped with whipped cream and strawberries?

Social Pie is definitely more than meets the pie! We love our pizzas, our salads, and our sandwiches—but we must admit, we love dessert too! Next time you stop by, don’t forget to slow down and have your dessert (and eat it too)! We’ve heard the desserts taste even better eating them out on our deck!

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