Social Pie at Home- Order Online Today!

Although we love when you come and visit us, we also know that it isn’t always possible to come in and dine—don’t worry because we have online ordering! This comes in the forms of both carry out and delivery—so getting our food at your home could not be any easier! This includes being able to order right through our Facebook page (if you’re on a laptop: it can be found on the right hand side of your browser right under our header photograph—it says “Start Order”. Below is a picture to show you where it would be on the Facebook app via a phone or tablet) or through our ‘menu’ tab on our website (that you can go to after reading this blog, of course). Whichever one is used, it will take you to the same place—we just want our customers to enjoy our food no matter where they are and we wanted the ordering process to be a breeze! We all know the struggle of trying to order over the phone! 

Now or Later?

The best part about ordering online is that you can do it for the day of—so it will be made as soon as possible; or you can choose a date in the future you want Social Pie to be made for you! For example, if you know you’re going to be having a lot of people coming over in the future—you can put in your order as soon as possible so that we can get it in the system. No matter when you want your pizza (or salad, or sandwich, or dessert), this can be picked up or delivered! Below we have included our hours for both pickup and delivery.

Beer to Go!!

As you know at Social Pie, we are passionate about our community, our food and our drinks—which is why we have included “Beer to Go” when ordering online! With 33 different options to choose from on our Beer List, there will definitely be one that pairs well with your food option! Not to be a party pooper or anything, but we have to check for an ID upon delivery or pick up!

Even though we love seeing our customers in-person, we know that sometimes you want the comfort of your own home to enjoy our food— which is why we made ordering online so easy! If you can’t stop in soon, have no fear—your Social Pie favorites can be enjoyed at home!