LAST Pint Night of August, featuring Community Beer Co.! [Wednesday, August 30]

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If you are like us, a Wednesday Pint Night at Social Pie are something you look forward to—especially in this Dallas heat! Our last Pint Night of August will be on the 30, from 5 to 9 PM. It will feature Community Beer Co.! Like the other Pint Nights we have had this month, there will be delicious food (I mean, obviously!), fun, tasty beer, and prizes! These prizes will run out, so make sure you stop by as soon as possible!

Who is Community Beer Company?

Like all of the other beers we have at Social Pie, they are home grown in Texas—Specifically, they Community Beer Co. is born and bred in central Dallas. They believe that beer, and especially their beer, is able to bring people together—surpassing issues, differing opinions, and getting over other obstacles that may get in the way of a relationship with someone. This is evident from their company name—Community Beer Company.

Their goal, as a company, is to be part of the community that they are in. This can come in forms of a fun experience in which Community Beer Co. was part of that experience (like a Friday night at Social Pie!), and the overall Texas experience we all know and love. Community Beer Co. not only wants to be part of the Texas experience, they want to have the best quality craft beer available for its consumers while taking care of the environment and community it services (sounds similar to Social Pie’s ‘Going Green’ campaign, huh?!). 

Community Mosaic IPA

Although we are big fans of all the options from Community Beer Co., our absolute favorite has got to be the Community Mosaic IPA. Even on their website it states that this is not your average IPA, and we could not agree more—it is just too good to be considered average. Instead of being bitter or overpowering, it is smooth and well-balanced and because of this, it is unique in both flavor and aroma. From all of this, it goes perfectly with different options from Social Pie. The Mosaic IPA is light, refreshing, and delicious enough to be paired with anything from Social Pie but we absolutely love it with ‘The Tony’ pizza. Not too light, not too heavy—they are both above average, unique, and especially delicious when paired together!


Remember, this is out last Pint Night of the month! Per usual, come in early for great prizes and fun! We cannot wait to see you on August 30, from 5 to 9 PM to celebrate delicious food from Social Pie and tasty beer from Community Beer Co.!

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