Pint Night featuring Wild Acre Brewing Co.! [August 16]

Our first Pint Night of August was such a success that we knew we had to do another one! Please join us on Wednesday, August 16, from 5 PM to 9 PM where we will have: fun, food, prizes and delicious beer from Wild Acre Brewing Co.! We love our salads, sandwiches, and pizzas—but we all know that our food pairs deliciously well with beer! And one of our favorite options on our Live List has to be from Wild Acre Brewing Co.

Who is Wild Acre Brewing Co.?

Similar to other alcoholic options at Social Pie, this brewery was born in Texas—Fort Worth to be exact! The reason that Wild Acre Brewing Co. is able to deliver such delicious brews is rooted in their founder and CEO.  John Pritchett, Wild Acre Brewing Co.'s founder and CEO, worked in beer distribution for 18 years before opening up Wild Acre. In other words, Pritchett has loved and worked in the industry for such a long time that you know what he has brewin’ is going to be delicious! From this passion, Pritchett was able to grow a team that was just as passionate about beer as he was—and we promise that you can taste the passion in any of their beers!

Currently, Wild Acre Brewing Co. has four different beers that are all delicious, but our absolute favorite (which can be found on our Live List!) is called Moonlight Shine. Moonlight Shine is carefully filtered, and because of this it makes for an extremely drinkable American styled wheat ale. Within this delicious beer are notes of vanilla and orange zest—these two flavors allow for Moonlight Shine to be super refreshing!





Wild Acre Brewing Co. and Social Pie

Since Moonlight Shine is so refreshing, we love to pair it with our Margherita Pizza! This pizza is a classic—red sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, and fresh basil! With such a refreshing beer, you definitely need a fresh pizza—any of our pizzas will do, but we just love pairing Moonlight Shine with the Margherita because the refreshing flavors of both really complement each other! 

We cannot wait to see you on August 16, from 5 PM to 9 PM for delicious Wild Acre Brewing Co. beer, cool prizes, fun, and tasty pizza!