Giving to F.A.R.M.!


As you probably know by now, we love to give back whenever possible—and one way is through having three different charities to give back to. Today, we are here to talk about our second charity for the upcoming months—Farmers Assisting Returning Military (or F.A.R.M.), A Veterans Organization. Today, we will be breaking down what F.A.R.M. is and what your donation (through consumption of our delicious pizzas) can go to!

Who is F.A.R.M.?

The founding members of F.A.R.M. all served in the Army, and specifically in Iraq during the time period of 1999 to 2009. James Jeffers (co-founder and advisory board member) and Steve Smith (co-founder and executive director) met each other while in combat, and both struggled to go back to a ‘normal’ life after two tours in the Middle East. During this time of struggle, both men found happiness in farming for their families, and other families in North Texas. Farming was not only something they enjoyed doing, but it was hard and rewarding work where they were able to see the (literal) fruits of their labor.

Throughout the next couple of years, both Jeffers and Smith saw many of their veteran friends take their own lives—and they wanted to do something about the untimely deaths of so many veterans. Through both Jeffers and Smiths’ own experiences with farming, they wanted to find a way to show other returning soldiers a way to return to civilian life through farming—and so, F.A.R.M. was born as a non-profit.


What F.A.R.M. has to Offer

We’re not going to lie-- F.A.R.M. has a ton of offerings that are all amazing. The offerings are broken down into: training programs, therapies, and services.


Through the training program, there are three different options—Internship, Breaking Ground, and Farm 101 (coming soon!). The point of these are to give those the tools they need to farm, and learn about all the benefits that come with farming!


F.A.R.M. has three main therapies—agricultural, living, and alternative. Agricultural therapy (or what they call, Dirt Therapy) is a huge part of the program. It means literally getting your hands dirty and working with others. Dirt Therapy is the cornerstone of this program because it fills so many voids for veterans like—structure and regimen, challenging yourself both physically and mentally, being part of something important, a mission, a purpose, and camaraderie. Everything that farming offers helps veterans get back to feeling ‘normal’. They also having Living Therapy, which helps promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through many different outlets like group dinners and outdoor activities—all of which can be slightly altered depending on an injury. Lastly, they have Alternative Therapy that helps bridge the gap that may be there between the body, spirit, and soul through alternative medicine coaches.


Past the training and therapy options, F.A.R.M. also has amazing services, including: yoga nidra meditation, trauma resolution, acupuncture therapy, Bowen therapy, massage therapy, mindfulness meditation, and transcendental meditation.

Social Pie and F.A.R.M.

Social Pie can help F.A.R.M. because of customers like you. Through every pizza sale, you can choose which of the three charities you would like to donate to through just simply coming and eating our pizza and choosing F.A.R.M. as your charity of choice!

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