Spotlight on The Birthday Party Project— One of Three Charities

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If you have ever eaten with us at Social Pie, you have probably heard that we have one simple mission—and that is to give back as much as possible. To do that, we have a model that our business runs on that we call Donation by Consumption. To break this down, it means that a percentage of every single pizza sale goes toward a chosen charity—that can be voted on by our customers both in store and online. These charities change every six months. Today, we are here to give you an overview of one of our chosen charities—The Birthday Party Project.                                                                                                                               

Who is The Birthday Party Project?

The goal of this project is exactly what it sounds like—to give amazing birthday parties! Specifically, these parties are for homeless children who might not be able to celebrate otherwise. The Birthday Party Project goes in monthly to different homeless and transitional living facilities throughout the country to host birthday parties for children aged one to twenty-two. Although the parties are for “kids”, everyone who is staying at the agency are invited to join the party! Each party lasts an hour, but it is obvious that the happiness from that one hour flows over into other aspects of the lives of those who get to celebrate.


To date, The Birthday Party Project has celebrated 4,500 birthdays with 30,000 kids in attendance. With that, over 40,000 cupcakes have been eaten, 30,000 glow sticks have been cracked, and 900 versions of “Happy Birthday” have been sung! But at the end of the day, the number of smiles on the faces of those in attendance of the birthday parties has been immeasurable. And the best part is, eating our pizza at Social Pie can help these numbers grow ever more!


Our Pizza Counts

Through your consumption of our delicious pizza at Social Pie, your money can go directly to The Birthday Party Project and can be used directly in Dallas! These locations include: Family Gateway, The Family Place, Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support, Interfaith Family Services, Mosaic, New Fries New Life, Promise House, and Ronald McDonald House!

As we said earlier, we want to give back as much as possible—and eating our pizza helps you be part of this dream we have! Since we have three different charities that we donate to, check back in the upcoming weeks to see highlights on our other two: F.A.R.M. (Farmers Assisting Returning Military: A Veterans Organization) or WINGS (Women in Need of Generous Support): For Women and Families!