Pint Night featuring Bishop Cider Company! [September 13; 5-9 PM]

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Need another mid-week pick-me-up? Well, look no further! Social Pie is hosting another Pint Night! This time, we will be having it on September 13 (a Wednesday, of course) and it will feature Bishop Cider Company! Please join us this upcoming week, from 5 PM to 9 PM, for fun, food, cider, and prizes! As always, we suggest coming as soon as possible because we will run out of prizes!  

Who is Bishop Cider Company?


Being the Texas-proud restaurant that we are—Bishop Cider Co. is born and bred in Dallas! Specifically, and not so surprisingly, they are in the Bishop Arts District. The company’s back story is a little bit different when compared to other brewers and cider companies—the owners (Joel and Laura Malone) did not grow up as cider makers, it doesn’t ‘run’ in the family, and they definitely didn’t grow up an orchard. Bishop Cider Company was started by these two in the city and both Joel and Laura worked hard to figure out what flavors worked throughout the whole process of creating delicious ciders.

So, what makes Bishop Cider Co. so cool, different, and fun? Joel and Laura are just like you and me—they had a dream and would not stop until they were happy with their product! They were sick of the boring cider options, so they literally spiced up the cider market by adding innovative and delicious flavors that make Bishop Cider Co. both special and delicious. Through the process of finding flavors that did and didn’t work—Bishop Cider Co. decided that they wanted to only bring you delicious and meaningful cider flavors that they would drink themselves.

Our Favorites

These are some of our favorite options that Bishop Cider Co. offers, and they are conveniently found on our live list (we just updated it on September 7!) and available at Social Pie!

Bishop Cider High & Dry

On Bishop Cider Co.’s website they say it’s just as dry, if not dryer, that British humor because this is a British cider. Sweetness may be gone, but we promise you it is still delicious. It allows for the apple flavor to really stand out, if you are looking for something that is a classic.

Try it with: Our Four Cheese Pizza—a deliciously classic pizza!

Bishop Cider Crackberry

It sounds just as good as it is—cranberry and blackberry! We are just as obsessed with it as Bishop Cider Co. is. It brings two delicious flavors to work together and create something a little sweet and a little tart.

Try it with: Our Sausage and Arugula Pizza—two delicious flavors that also work together!

Bishop Cider Sour Cherry

Tart, delicious, and in our opinion it is better than both apple and cherry pie (sorry guys, we’re more pizza people)! A delicious and refreshing option that may or may not smack your taste buds—but it is both tasty and worth it because of the acidity and tartness of this delicious cider.

Try it with: Our Tony Pizza. Refreshing, tart, delicious.

We can’t wait for you to come in and join us on September 13 to enjoy delicious food and drinks at our Pint Night! Mark your calendars—and it’s only from 5 to 9 PM!


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