Social Pie & Beer? Nothing Better!

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We hear from so many people that they have found the perfect meal at Social Pie that they not only love, but they crave! Whether it’s one of our salads, sandwiches, or pizzas—we know you probably have something that is your “regular”—but have you found the drink that compliments your regular?!

We at Social Pie continue to pride ourselves on: amazing food, giving back when we can, being green, and having an exhaustive (but very necessary) Beer & Wine List that is updated all the time. So, today we are going to tell you a couple of options that we want to highlight for you—give them a try, it’s time you find your “regular” drink!  

What to Try at Social Pie

With a whopping 47 different options from Social Pie (16 on draft; 31 in bottles or cans) on our Beer & Wine List, it can be a bit daunting to find the one for you when it comes to a drink option. Thankfully, Social Pie and beer go together so well that no matter what option you choose, you’re going to be happy! But, today, we want to highlight some fun drink options that you might not think about trying. We here at Social Pie are here to open your eyes to three different drink options—we hope you give them a try!

Austin Eastciders

From Austin Eastsiders, we actually have two different options! We have: Blood Orange and Pineapple. On the sweeter side of ciders, these bad boys are super refreshing and light. Both of these options are amazing with any of our pizzas, but we love to pair it with our Four Cheese pizza to let the pineapple or blood orange flavor do their work! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous—create a build-your-own pizza and add pineapple!


Southern Tier Vintage 2017 Pumpking

For all of us that love the fall season and flavors, this beer is the one for you! Not so surprisingly, you will be able to smell the pumpkin flavors as soon as this beer is placed in front of you! It will remind you of your favorite pumpkin pie—but it’s even better! Because it’s beer!


Real Ale Fireman’s #4

A blonde ale that is said to help cool your mouth off—whether that be from spicy food or the Texas heat, and we love it! Great with barbecue flavors, treat yourself to this beer if you get our BBQ Chicken pizza—you definitely will not regret it!


Since we have an amazing list of great beers available to our patrons 21 and over, we want to make sure we highlight some of the drinks we have available now on our live list. Next time you stop by, make sure to try something new—it might just become your regular drink!

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