Looking for Lunch?! Social Pie!

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Are you looking for an awesome pizza deal? Look no further, Social Pie has you covered! We have an amazing lunch bundle that will make your day that much brighter, we promise!

This Lunch Bundle is served Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM! Are you looking for a delicious meal to help you get through your work day or school day?! This is the meal for you! For less than $10 you get a great deal on pizza that will fill you up and make you happy—nothing better!

Our Lunch Bundle

You get a slice of pizza, a small house salad, and a fountain drink! Perfect for those of you that are looking for the best of both worlds—a slice of pizza and a salad! It’s a great pick-me-up needed to push you through the rest of the day!

For the slice of pizza, you have a choice between four of our delicious slices! Choose your favorite or pick the slice that you’re feeling! You can choose from our: Meaty Meat, Wild Mushroom, Four Cheese, or Pepperoni! This is a great time to try a new slice if you have a go-to order from Social Pie—go for it! It’s just one slice, and you know that you will love anything Social Pie has!

A slice of cheese pizza for lunch?! Sign us up! 

A slice of cheese pizza for lunch?! Sign us up! 

Our small house salad goes extremely well with any slice you pick! This salad includes: greens (of course, it is a salad after all!), artichokes, olives, red onions, tomatoes, banana peppers, feta, croutons, and red wine vinaigrette! We don’t serve your average pizzas, so we had to make sure that we didn’t have a basic house salad! All the flavor profiles and textures (hello, crunch from the croutons!) work together to make a delicious salad—a salad so good that you will forget you’re even eating a salad!

House Salad, for the win! 

House Salad, for the win! 

And lastly, you will get a fountain drink! Customize your meal with your favorite fountain drink and slice of pizza—a lunch to put all other lunches to shame! We look forward to serving you the best lunch deal on pizzas in Dallas!

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