Experience Green Dining in Dallas at Social Pie!

Our mission at Social Pie is simple, “Give back as much as possible.”


We’ve oriented everything about our restaurant around this philosophy, and since it’s April – and with Earth Day approaching on April 22, 2018 – we thought it was only fitting that we share a few ways Social Pie in Dallas, Texas gives back and supports a greener planet.


Did you know that you can bring your own coffee mug for a free cup of coffee at brunch?

Yes, that’s right! It might sound weird, but we believe every little bit counts when it comes to green dining in Dallas. For every less mug we wash, a little less water and energy is consumed. Plus – it’s a win/win because we’ll serve you free coffee! Join us at Social Pie for a delicious Dallas brunch and free coffee when you bring your own mug.


At Social Pie, you’ll need to ask for water, but it’s not because we’re stingy.

It’s an odd concept, but hear us out! When you sit down at Social Pie, a server won’t automatically bring you a glass of water. Why you ask? Simple. For every less glass we wash and water consumed, we’re doing a small part to give back to our planet. Of course if you want a glass of water, just ask! We’re more than happy to bring it!


Did you know all our takeout containers are compostable?

No traditional plastic here! We support green dining in Dallas by offering ecotainers for takeout, specialty to-go containers with a liner made of plastic derived from plants. And the bags they go in? They are 100% biodegradable and won’t harm the environment as they decompose.


Join us this week at Social Pie and experience green dining in Dallas! Oh – and we’ve got pretty amazing pizza too! ;)

social pie green dining in dallas.jpg