Beyond the Pizza: Other Delicious Food Offerings from Social Pie Dallas!

When you hear someone say they are going to eat lunch at Social Pie, you immediately think pizza, right?!


Of course you do. And we're glad!


But did you know that Social Pie is more than just pizza? Sure, we have some of the best pizza in Dallas, but don’t forget to give our starters, sandwiches, and salads a try too!


Social Pie Starters

Before you dig into that fabulous Sausage + Arugula pizza, why not start your meal with a delicious appetizer? Our wings are one of the most popular things on our menu, and they make a great starter – or order them as a meal! Our wings are smoked and air fried, then served with your choice of classic buffalo sauce, bbq sauce, Asian chili garlic sauce, or lemon pepper dry rub. And bonus: our wings are gluten free all the time!


Social Pie Sandwiches

While it’s hard to pass up a pizza, these sandwiches are pretty amazing too! Two of our favorites are the Calabrese (named for our owner Jonathan Calabrese) and the Social (obviously our signature sandwich.) The Social is a hot sandwich, loaded down with ham, mushroom, balsamic shallots, truffle béchamel, wild arugula, basil, and melted Parmesan cheese.

social pie social sandwich best sandwich dallas texas


Social Pie Salads

Our artisan salads are perfect as a side to one of our pizzas, or you can enjoy them solo as your main course. Each gourmet salad has a variety of delicious, unique flavors and you can even add chicken, turkey, ham, or avocado if you’d like a little extra protein. Not sure which one to try? We recommend the Social Caesar, with crunchy romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, manchego cheese, croutons, and our homemade house Caesar dressing.

social pie salads best salads dallas texas


Getting hungry? Join us at Social Pie for lunch, dinner, or our weekend brunch! Conveniently located on Maple Ave. near UT Southwestern, we’re your go to spot for the best pizza in Dallas - with a purpose behind it