Thank You to Our Amazing Staff

National Waitstaff Day

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May 21st is National Waitstaff Day! This is a day that was created so that we can all show our appreciation to waitstaff at our favorite restaurants. Here at Social Pie we have some of the best waitstaff there is and we are happy to have a day to show how much we love what they do for us!

We know that when you decide where to dine out, there is more than just the food that goes into making your decision. While we are proud to have the best pizza in Dallas, having employees that are attentive, friendly, and welcoming can make all the difference in your dining experience. Social Pie prides itself on making sure your dining experience is the best you can get.

When you have a great experience at a restaurant, the easiest way to show your appreciation is to tell the waitstaff. Take this opportunity to recognize our waitstaff and tell them thank you! We strive to provide the best service and it is great to know that we're doing it right. You can also use the hashtags #NationalWaitstaffDay and #SocialPie if you want to spread the love and appreciation on social media! Enjoying our delicious pizza and more is easy when you're offered friendly and attentive service. We hope you love dining here as much as we love serving you!

Our Giving Back

Not only do we appreciate your gratitude for our awesome waitstaff, we also appreciate all that you do to make our community better.  Every time you order a pizza, a portion of the price paid goes to charity. And the charities are ones for which you get to vote! We give our patrons the ability to select where their dollars will go.  Every 6 months, we will announce the charity with the most submissions.

If you would like to find out more about that, click here!

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