Why BBQ When You Can Have Pizza?

We live in Texas, so we understand that BBQ is a big deal. And as Texans, we couldn't agree more! However, that doesn't mean that BBQ is the only way to go. At Social Pie, we may be a little biased, but if you ask us pizza is the best food for any occasion! It is that time of year where there are so many parties, get togethers, holidays, and other celebrations. All of these things mean one thing: you must have food!

Like we said, we get it that BBQ is a big deal. Often times celebrations in the summer revolve around the grill. But who says you can't have pizza too?! We think pizza (and the best pizza in town on top of it) is always a welcomed treat at any celebration.

Why Pizza?

Pizza is a great option for your celebrations, get togethers, holidays, and other celebrations because there are so many options. When we make pizza, we don't just make one kind. We offer countless combinations to satisfy every person. Our menu includes 10 pre-designed pies plus the ability to build your own. Here is where the fun begins!

Social Pie-46.jpg

Start your pie off with one of our five amazing sauces. You can go traditional with our classic red sauce, be adventurous with our truffle béchamel sauce, or go along with the BBQ theme with our tasty BBQ sauce. Now it is time to get creative and pick your cheese and toppings. More cheese please! We give you a variety of cheeses to choose from at Social Pie. Go with our fresh or shredded mozzarella, try our parmesan or manchego, be unique with our feta or goat cheese, or go crazy and try them all! The choice is yours, so have fun with it.

Top your pizza off with a selection of meats including bacon, chicken, ham, and pepperoni. And as Mom always said, don't forget your veggies! We have over 10 options of veggies to pick from, so pile on as much as you like. You taste buds will thank you later.

We promise that no matter what pie you choose for your occasion, your friends and family will be happy. BBQ + pizza = a great time had by all!

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