Celebrate National IPA Day at Social Pie!

Do you love beer? More specifically, do you love IPA beer? Well then it is your lucky day! Come in to Social Pie on AUGUST 2, 2018 and celebrate National IPA Day with us! A whole day dedicated to beer sounds like a pretty great day.


We take pride in our menu selections for the best pizza in Dallas, but our pride doesn’t stop there. We have also spent a lot of time and effort to create the perfect alcohol menu to go along with your delicious slice of pie (or one of our other awesome food items). We are happy to share with you that everyone will find something they like to drink here. From wine, to cocktails, to beer, we’ve got you covered.

IPA Selection

But we’re here to talk about National IPA Day, so let’s get to the good stuff! When you stop in to celebrate this great national day, you can choose from the following abundant selection of IPAs:

·      Armadillo - Land Yacht - American IPA

·      CBP - Tropsicle (Collective Brewing Project) - American IPA

·      Community  - Mosaic - American IPA

·      Intrinsic - Chubby Unicorn - Double IPA

·      Oak Highlands - Derelict - American IPA

·      Olde Towne - Double Vision - Double IPA (?? not sure about this one)

·      Panther Island - IPF'nA - Imperial IPA

·      Peticolas - Thrilla In Brazilla -American IPA

·      Peticolas - Doc's Orders - Imperial IPA

·      Peticolas - Crush It - Sessions IPA

·      Rahr - Mr. Wiggles - Double IPA

·      Texas Ale Project - Anniversary IPA - American IPA

·      Wild Acre - Super Hawk - Double IPA


Enjoy one of these awesome ales inside in the air conditioning, or if the weather isn’t too hot, enjoy your IPA on our patio. Either place you choose, the IPA will be a perfect celebration of National IPA Day!


And don’t forget to share your celebration with the rest of the country! Post on social media using #NationalIPAday and tag @socialpie_




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