Brunch Bundle At Social Pie

It’s Saturday and you’re most likely out doing a million things on your day off. Often you’re so busy that you can’t even think about what to do for lunch. Perhaps you’ve been running errands all morning and just want to sit down and enjoy some great food and relax. Social Pie has just what you need: our Brunch Bundle!


So what exactly is a “Brunch Bundle” you might ask? Well, let us tell you all about it! Our Brunch Bundle Includes A Carafe Of Mimosas or Poinsettias (because what brunch is complete without alcohol?!) And A Breakfast Pizza With Up To Three Toppings For Only $20! Yes, that’s right, all of that for only $20! When you’ve had a crazy week and want to relax, the ability to get a lot for a little helps. Brunch Bundles are dine-in only though, but that’s because we want you to just sit down, relax, and let us take care of one thing you don’t have to this weekend!


When thinking of a breakfast pizza, you may not know where to start with your topping choices. Ham And Sausage Are Classic Options To Choose For Your Brunch Pizza since These Are Already Eaten During Brunch, And They’re Even Better On A Pizza! Go crazy and add veggies, cheeses, or more meat with options like Fresh Or Shredded Mozzarella, Parmesan, Manchego, Feta, Goat Cheese, Bacon, Chicken, Pepperoni. We Have Over 10 Options Of Veggies To Pick From, So no matter what you want on your breakfast pizza, rest assured we have it. With so many options for toppings at Social Pie, the fun has just begun!


If you finish your Breakfast Bundle and you find yourself craving something sweet, fear not! Social Pie has some super tasty dessert options for you as well. We have our Texas Pecan And Honey Cannolis and Or Our Social Chocolate Cakes (which Are Gluten Free!). And then there’s our S’mores Pie because why not have more pizza after pizza? We won’t judge!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!