Pool Party With Social Pie

It’s Summer and that means lots of time spent in the pool. BBQ is usually the go-to for pool parties because the grill is right there and it’s easy. But if you ask us pizza is the best food for your pool party! At Social Pie, we think pizza (and the best pizza in town on top of it) is always a welcomed treat at any gathering. Why not up your summer pool parties with some delicious pies from Social Pie?

Why Pizza?

When you’re lounging on your floaty in the pool, the last thing you want to worry about is making food. Let Social Pie take care of the hard part. And when we make pizza, we don't just make one kind. We offer countless combinations to satisfy every person. Our menu includes 10 predesigned pies plus the ability to build your own. Top your pizza off with a selection of meats including bacon, chicken, ham, and pepperoni. And of course, you can’t forget your veggies! We have over 10 options of veggies to pick from, so pile on as much as you like. You taste buds will thank you later.

Order Online

Not only do we take care of the food prep, you don’t even have to move in order to have the best pizza in Dallas brought right to you. Social Pie uses ChowNow as our delivery provider, so you can order right from your phone while you float in the pool. Simply go to our website and click on “Order Online” to start your order. A new page will open and you can begin by picking your delivery time. One great feature with ChowNow is that you can order for an immediate delivery or you can set your delivery for a future date and time. This can come in very handy if you want to get the food ordering out of the way before you begin your day of lounging.

Once you’ve picked your delivery time you can get to the good stuff: the menu! We are happy to offer an array of options at Social Pie. And with ChowNow, anything you can get in our store, you can get delivered to your front door. And we mean everything. Yes, you can order Beer and Ice Cream Sandwiches through our delivery service! Our food and drinks are delivered in appropriate cooling/heating containers to make sure that when you open your pizza box it is fresh and hot. When you crack open your beer in the pool, it will be cool and refreshing. And your ice cream sandwich will not be melting! We want you to enjoy your meal just as much from home as you do with us.

Make Social Pie your go-to food choice for all of your pool days this Summer!